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Solar Water Heating

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  All-Pro Plumbing&Heating Ltd is specialist in the installation a solar panel for hot water heating allowing our customers to take advantage of renewable and sustainable energy.


     The solar panels we use in our installations have been designed as a compliment to existing heating systems which use a storage of hot water cylinder. The existing cylinder is exchanged for a twin coil cylinder which requires no more space than your old cylinder. This has obvious advantages for London home owners where space is at a premium.

Flat solar panels

    Flat solar panels are designed for heating and often chosen because they can fit onto a roof. The panels transfer heat to a solar hot water cylinder. The cylinder itself can be placed in an unobtrusive place such as an airing cupboard. The cylinder then stores the hot water that has been produced during the day by the sunlight, ready for use when you need it.

Evacuated tubes

    Evacuated tubes are designed for solar heating. They are the most efficient solar energy collection system. Vacuum flask tubes collect heat from the sun. The heat is transferred to a super-efficient hot water cylinder. In the winter this helps to keep hot water in the cylinder in conjunction with a conventional heating system such as a condensing boiler or cylinder Megaflow Cylinder system.

    Solar panels can be installed in any home, including flats and apartments which have access to the roof. If you have a large, un-shaded, predominantly south facing roof space this is ideal. It is possible to have solar panels on other aspects as well.

   In the UK solar will provide over 50% of your water over the course of the year with up to 95% in the summer and less in the winter.

Most existing traditional heating systems can be used in conjunction with solar panels with just a change of your hot water cylinder.

  • Your gas boiler provides back-up hot water when necessary.
  • No loft space will be lost.
  • Thermostatic automatic controls enable you to easily control the temperature of the water.

      All-Pro Plumbing&Heating Ltd offer a completely free quote to install solar water cylinder, heating panels as an addition to an existing heating system or as part of a complete new installation heating and hot water system for a property.

Benefits of solar heating ?

  • You can reduce your heating bills by 85% to 95% in the summer
  • You can reduce your heating bills by 30% to 40% in the winter
  • On average this equals approximately 50-75% reduction annually
  • You can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by anything from  750 kg per year
  • You can increase the value of your property

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