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Unvented Hot Water Cylinder 

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An Idea

Unvented (Megaflow) hot water tanks offer excellent performance and water pressure for residential and commercial settings.

All-Pro Plumbing&Heating Ltd. Is offering and supply and fit all the leading brands of unvented hot water cylinders .

The installations are carried out quickly and professionally by a team specially trained and qualified .

We are experienced in a wide range of plumbing and heating service .We can upgrades and install your central heating system with your boiler, radiators and automatic controls.

   An Unvented Cylinder is a hot water storage system that has a hot water storage cylinder that does not incorporate a vent pipe to atmosphere.

Excellent performance

In simple terms, a system of pipework and components operating above atmospheric pressure, normally fed from the mains and sealed to the atmosphere.


  •   -Balanced pressures at hot and cold taps for showers.
  •   -Higher water pressures available at the hot taps.
  •   -Eliminates risk of contamination as there is no storage cistern. (tank in the loft).
  •   -The hot water storage cylinder can be sited anywhere in the house, are very suitable for one storey dwellings, e.g. flats and bungalows.
  •   -Quicker to install, no cold storage tanks in the loft, less pipework.
  •   -Small diameter pipework may possibly be used.
  •   -Gives architects and service designers greater flexibility of design.

We’re so confident about the quality of service we provide. If you’re not 100% satisfied at any time, we promise to put it right.

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